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Paleopathology Laboratory


The Paleopathology Laboratory of the Research Centre for Anthropology and Health (CIAS) is a multipurpose space that works as a platform for investigation in the field of human osteology, in general, and in the disciplinary landscapes dedicated to the study of disease and health in the past, as well as skeletal variability, in particular. It is a modern and welcoming work area, equipped with a plethora of technical apparatuses that maximize the empirical observation of the human skeleton, from the most elementary ones – osteometric tables, digital calipers, etc. – to the most complex, including 3D scanning solutions. The Paleopathology Laboratory works closely with the other research and work spaces at CIAS and the Department of Life Sciences, namely the different osteological collections and the library.

Director: Vítor Matos (vmatos@uc.pt)

Equipment available

  • Microsandblaster
  • Binocular magnifying glass
  • Canon EOS77D camera
  • Next engine scanner
  • Sliding calipers
  • Dremel
  • Human Evolution fossil casts
  • Microscope
  • Computer for 3D analysis
  • Data storage station with initial capacity of 16TB
  • 3D Scanner (Transcan C – Professional Desktop 3D Scanner)
  • Set-up for photogrammetry (Foldio3 studio)