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Laboratory of Human Genetics


The CIAS Laboratory of Human Genetics (LHG) is a well-equipped laboratory for developing projects in Human Population Genetics. The laboratory is sufficiently equipped to implement several protocols, including: genomic DNA extraction from different biological samples, conventional polymerase chain reaction (PCR) methods, agarose and acrylamide gel electrophoresis, and restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) analysis. DNA Sanger sequencing and automated short tandem repeat (STR) analysis can also be developed in part at the LHG, and completed at the Molecular Hematology Unit, at Hospital Pediátrico (CHUC), with whom we have a protocol, or in private laboratories. Real-time PCR (qPCR) and droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) methods can also be developed at the platform of Department of Life Sciences (DCV). Research projects can be developed by undergraduate or graduate students with the coordination of integrated members of CIAS.

Director: Licínio Manco (lmanco@antrop.uc.pt)

Available Equipment

  • Real Time PCR system MiniOpticon (Bio Rad)
  • Thermocycler for conventional PCR (TProfissional Thermocycler, Biometra)
  • Thermocycler for conventional PCR (2720 Thermocycler, ABI)
  • Thermocycler for conventional PCR (Uno 96 gradient, VWR)
  • agarose and acrylamide gel systems for electrophoresis of DNA
  • UV transilluminator
  • photo system for ethidium bromide agarose gels
  • general equipment such as: microcentrifuges; centrifuges; power supplies; balances; shakers; ovens; sets of pipettes
  • QX100 droplet digital PCR system (BioRad) for ddPCR (platform of DCV)
  • CFX96 Touch™ Real-Time PCR Detection System (BioRad) (platform of DCV)