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Jun Zhang

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Research Interests
Social Transformation
Material Culture
Urban Development
Mobility, Infrastructure and Spatial Politics

Jun Zhang is a socio-cultural anthropologist whose research projects lay at the intersection between material cultural, urban studies, and development studies. The core concern of her research is social transformation, particularly the gaps, ambiguities, contradictions, and interactions between the grand narratives and mundane practices, with a regional focus on China.


Comparative Development in Asia; Society and Politics; Urban Culture and Society; Urbanization in China; Problem-based Studies of Selected Asian Societies and Region.

Main Publications

2022b. “What Is Shared in Shared Bikes?: Mobility, Space, and Capital.” Mobilities. DOI:10.1080/17450101.2022.2099755.

2022a. “Hardening National Boundaries in a Globally Connected World: Technology, Development, andNationalismin Contemporary Urban China.” Journal of Contemporary Asia. DOI: 10.1080/00472336.2021.2001841

  1. “Driving toward Modernity: The Car and Middle-Class Lives in Contemporary South China.” Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.
  1. “Materializing a Form of Urban Governance: When Street Building Intersected with City Building in Republican Canton (Guangzhou), China.” History and Technology 33 (2):153-174.
  1. “When Are You Going to Get Married?” Parental Matchmaking and Middle-class Women in Contemporary Urban China.” (with Peidong Sun; first author). In Wives, Husbands, and Lovers: Marriage and Sexuality in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Urban China, edited by Deborah Davis and Sara Friedman, 118-144. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.
Research Projects

“Women and Birth in Transition: The Politics of Childbirth Medicalization in Reform Era China” (with Dr. Gonçalo Santos)

“Demolishing thewalls, Rebuild the city: Infrastructural Transformation and the Emergence of Urban Governance in Republican Canton, China”.

“Old Neighbourhoods, New Spaces: Urban Reconstruction and Governance in China’s Urbanization”.

Creative Output

Producer and host of the book talk podcast series “TechnoViews”