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The James Lee Collection (Duration: 2001–2008)

Duration: 2001 – 2008

Abstract: The increase of our knowledge about pre ‐ Columbian Taíno population could benefit from the interface of studies in fields such as Archaeology, Physical Anthropology, Zooarchaeology. This is the case of this project that started as an inventory of James Lee Collection and developed in a multidisciplinary research that resulted in several presentations in meetings and the publication of the book and appendix (CD), Pre ‐ Columbian Jamaica (2008).

Coordinator: Philip Allsworth ‐ Jones, Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield, U. K.

Participants: Ana Luísa Santos (CIAS)

Partner institutions: University of the West Indies (Mona); University of Sheffield, U. K.

Financial support: University of the West Indies (2001); Institute of Bioarcheaology (2003)