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Yichen Rao

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Research Interests
Mental health

Yichen Rao is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies at the University of Michigan. He finished his PhD in anthropology and STS at the University of Hong Kong on the rise and fall of China’s “internet finance” industry during the past decade, and his master’s project at the Chinese University of Hong Kong on China’s “internet addiction” treatment camps. He published in journals like History of Psychology and Economic Anthropology, and more recently a co-authored chapter on China’s overwork and work-life balance. Yichen led a collaborative artistic research project Feeling Digital and co-chairs Sci-Tech Asia, an international research network.

Main Publications

Rao, Yichen. 2021 Dreaming Like a Market: The hidden script of financial inclusion in China’s P2P Lending Platforms. Economic Anthropology 8(1): 102-115. (2020 Harold K. Schneider Prize Honorable Mention, American Anthropological Association)

Rao, Yichen. 2019. From Confucianism to Psychology: Rebooting Internet Addicts in China. History of Psychology 22(4) 328-350

Rao, Yichen. 2015. Internet Addicts and the Transformation of Social Control in China. Beijing Cultural Review 2015(5): 64-71 [In Chinese]

Research Projects

Financial technology, risk and crisis in China

Internet addiction treatment camps in China psychiatric knowledge-making of youth disorders

Policies and environmental impacts of big data centers in China