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Paulo Castro Seixas

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Research Interests
Anthropology/Sociology and/of Public Policy
Urban, Regional and Environmental Studies
Ecumene Studies
Sustainability Sciences

Anthropologist (BA and PhD) and Sociologist (MA and ‘Agregação’) he is Associate Prof. at the University of Lisbon; former coordinator of the Coord. Unity of Public Administration and Territorial Policies (2016-18) and former President of CAPP – Center of Administration and Public Policies (2014-2018).

Urban & Regional studies (fieldwork in Portugal, Brazil, Romania and East Timor) and the Socio-Anthropology of East-Timor are main focus. Coordinator of several research projects (e.g.: as coordinator partner of a European network in 1995 and of two FCT funded projects on East Timor (2000-2011)) . Recently, he led the Portuguese-Timorese partner team of the H2020 project CRISEA (2017-2020) and was Co-Leader of the project CRICITY funded by FCT (2018-21). In his consultancy Career, he was Program Development Consultant (May 1999-March 2000) for Ministry of Education and Culture of Angola in a Project funded by World Bank; Consultant to Doctors of the World in a Project in East Timor (2003-2004) between 2012-2013 he was Program Development Consultant to FUP/CRUP in a Technical Cooperation for Program Development of National University of Timor LoroSAE; and in 2015-16 he was part of the team that made the Territorial Planning Plan of the Island of Ataúro (Timor-Leste) and also part of the team that made the Strategic Plan for the Municipality of Santa Cruz in Madeira (Portugal).

Dissemination of science to larger publics and civic intervention either in Portugal and overseas (in Timor-Leste) plays a role in his experience as founder and leader of civil society organizations; as proponent and by monitoring and as evaluator of international cooperation projects; as promoter and organizer of international Conferences; curator of scientific exhibitions in museums and as author and director of social documentaries.

Winegrower in the Douro Valley since 2009, and winemaker since 2020, he has the PDC (Permaculture Design Course)-2012.


Professor of Higher Education since 1989. Teaching of numerous curricular units in the areas of Methodology for Social Sciences, Anthropology, Sociology and Public Policies

Creative Output

Winemaker since 2020