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Paul O. Adekola

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Research Interests
Reintegration/integration of migrants
Post conflict/disaster/pandemic Socioeconomic Recovery (IDPs & Refugees)
Sexual & reproductive health
Social exclusion

Paul Adekola has ten years of active teaching, research and administrative experiences at the university level in Nigeria. He is a trained Geographer, Demographer and Social Statistician with expertise in Migration, Population, Health & Development, Gender & Women Studies, and Quantitative/Qualitative Analyses. Besides over 18 conference proceedings and book chapters, Paul has published over 30 scientific articles revolving around his research interests in various international high-impact journals and authored a motivational book titled, ‘The Power of Choice’. Paul has reviewed articles for reputable journals with global impacts. He has attended fully sponsored academic conferences and workshops in Nigeria, Ghana, Germany, Dubai, Portugal, South Africa and Spain. He was a recipient of the Association of Commonwealth University (ACU) Scholarship for training on Migration and Climate Change at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana in 2020. He was also recipient of the Coimbra Scholarship, awarded to bright young scholars and promising early-career researchers from Africa at the University of Coimbra, Portugal. He recently concluded a postdoctoral fellowship on Migration and Translocality in West Africa (MITRA-WA) at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Currently, is undertaking a postdoctoral fellowship of the globally competitive Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship at the University of Geneva, Switzerland.


RFH 832: Advanced Population and Public Health Demography

RFH 824: Population & Demography

RFH 834: Family Planning and Fertility Management

CHS 322: Demography and Social Statistics in Public Health (Undergraduate)

CHS 323: Family and Reprodcutive Health

Main Publications

Adekola P.O., Ugwu F.C, Amoo E.O, Olawole-Isaac A. and Cirella G.T. (2023). COVID-19, mobility restriction, and sexual behavior among a cohort of people of reproductive age: Nigeria. Frontiers in Public Health 10:935625, https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpubh.2022.935625/full

Adekola, P.O.; Azuh, D.E.; Amoo, E.O.; Brownell, G.; Cirella, G.T. (2022) Economic Drivers of Voluntary Return among Conflict-Induced Internally Displaced Persons in Nigeria. Sustainability, 2022, 14 (4) https://doi.org/10.3390/su14042060

Amoo, E.O.; Adekola, P.O.; Adesina, E.; Adekeye, O.A.; Onayemi, O.O.; Gberevbie, M.A. (2022). Young Single Widow, Dynamics of In-Laws Interference and Coping Mechanisms: Simplicity–Parsimony Approach, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH), 19 (16), 10117. https://doi.org/10.3390/ijerph191610117

Adekola, P.O., Iyalomhe, F.O., Paczoski, A., Abebe, S.T., Pawłowska, B., Bąk M., and Cirella, G.T. (2021). Public Perception and Awareness of Waste Management from Benin City, Scientific Reports, 11, 306 (2021), https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-020-79688-y

Iyalomhe, F.O., Adekola, P.O. & Cirella, G.T. (2021), Community-based health financing: empirical evaluation of the socio-demographic factors determining its uptake in Awka, Anambra state, Nigeria. International Journal of  Equity in Health 20, 235  https://doi.org/10.1186/s12939-021-01574-4

Olarewaju F., Ogundipe A. A., Adekola, P.O. & Adeleye, B. N. (2021). Human Capital and Manufacturing Output in Nigeria: A Micro-Data Survey. Research in Word Economy, 12(2), https://doi.org/10.5430/rwe.v12n2p132

Adeleye B.N., Akam, D., Inuwa, N., Olamide, M., Okafor, V., Ogunrinola, I. & Adekola, P.O. (2021). Investigating the growth-energy-emissions trilemma in South Asia, International Journal of Energy Economics & Policy, 11(5):112-120,  https://doi.org/10.32479/ijeep.11054

Adekola P. O., Azuh D., Amoo Emmanuel O & Olusanmi O. (2020). Special Appellation or Special Care? A Quantitative Analysis of the Challenges Facing Development-Induced Internally Displaced Persons in Ogun State, South-West Nigeria. Osun Geographical Review (OJR), 3(2020), 10-21, https://journals.uniosun.edu.ng/index.php/OGR/article/view/586

Amoo, E.O., Adekeye, O., Olawole-Isaac, A., Fasina, F., Adekola, P. O., Samuel, G. W., Akanbi, M., Oladosun, M. and Azuh, D. E. (2020). Nigeria and Italy Divergences in Coronavirus Experience: Impact of Population Density, The Scientific World Journal, (2020):1-9, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1155/2020/8923036

Adekola, P.O., Azuh, D., Adeloye, D. & Amoo, E. (2019). Urban renewal in Nigeria: a slash and burn approach? Environment, Development and Sustainability, 21(5), 2165-2182. INDEXING: Scopus (Elsevier), ISI, Index Copernicus, etc. 2017 Impact Factor: 1.379, 10.1007/s10668-018-0130-2?shared-article-renderer

Adekola P. O., Azuh D., Amoo E. O., & Brownell G. (2019), Restoration of water supply in post-conflict communities in Nigeria and sustainable reintegration. International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology (IJCIET), 10(2):191-201, http://www.iaeme.com/citearticle.asp?Ed=15791&Jtype=IJCIET&VType=10&Itype=2

Cirella, G. T., Iyalomhe, F.O. & Adekola, P. O. (2019), Determinants of Flooding and Strategies for Mitigation: Two-Year Case Study of Benin City, Geosciences, 9(3): 1-15, https://www.mdpi.com/2076-3263/9/3/136/htm

Research Projects

Return and Readmisssion (RR) of Illegal Migrants of African Origin from Europe

Sexual Violence among Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Africa

Post-pandemic Socioeconomic Recovery: Harmonized Strategies for Socioeconomic Recovery in Severely Hit Economies

Creative Output

Azuh, D.E., Adekola, P.O., Olawole-Isaac, A., Adeyemi, G.A., Cirella, G.T., Spring, C.R. (2023). Contraceptive Utilization Among Married Couples in Nigeria: Socio-cultural Factors. In: Cirella, G.T. (eds) Uncertainty Shocks in Africa. Advances in African Economic, Social and Political Development. Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-031-21885-9_

Adekola, P.O. (2016). Migration, Urbanization and Environmental Problems in Nigeria. In J.L. Oyerafa (Eds.), Migration and Urbanization in Contemporary Nigeria: Policy Issues and Challenges

Adekola, Paul ‘Tomi. The Power of Choice. Ben Oketola Publications, Abuja Nigeria, 2008- A Motivational Book