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Research Interests
biological anthropology
forensic anthropology

Degree in Anthropology in the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, master’s in Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine, both at the University of Coimbra. At the moment I am a Ph.D. student of Biological Anthropology focused on the growth and health of non-adults. I have been working as an Anthropologist in archaeological excavations since 2008, in different contexts from pre-history to contemporary chronologies.

Main Publications

Lourenço, M., Cunha, E. (2020). Can we still use cranial sutures to estimate age at death of individuals after age 50. Braz J Forensic Anthropol & Leg Med, 1, 5-28.

Research Projects

Ph.D. thesis: Non-survivors: the study of growth, stress indicators and pathological conditions in neonates and infants, from Saint Domingos children´s cemetery (Lisbon, Portugal, 1755-1840)

Lisboa Romana, Felicitas Iulia Olisipo