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Research Interests
Funerary Practices

Archaeologist, bioanthropolgist and head of the bio-anthropology department at Era Arqueologia, S.A. After a degree and Master thesis in Prehistoric archaeology at the University of Porto (2005) I concluded my PhD in Physical Anthropology In the University of Coimbra (2018). My research focuses on a number of themes, including funerary practices and architectures  amongst  the societies of Late Prehistoric Iberia. On these topics I have carried out fieldwork in the southern Portugal, mainly at the Perdigões Archaeological enclosure, in Reguengos de Monsaraz, Évora.

Main Publications

Toso, A., Schifano, S., Oxborough, C., McGrath, K., Spindler, L., Castro, A., Evangelista, L., Filipe, V., Gonçalves, M. J., Marques, A., Mendes da Silva, I., Santos, R., Valente, M. J., McCleery, I., & Alexander, M.(2021). Beyond faith: Biomolecular evidence for changing urban economies in multi-faith medieval Portugal. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 176( 2), 208– 222. https://doi.org/10.1002/ajpa.24343

Evangelista, Lucy Shaw (2020). Resting in Peace or in Pieces? Tomb I and Death Management in the 3rd Millennium BC at the Perdigões Enclosure (Reguengos de Monsaraz, Portugal): Understanding mortuary practices and collective burials in Chalcolithic Portugal. BAR – International Series , 2019

Evangelista, Lucy Shaw; Godinho, Ricardo (2020). Estudo bio-antropológico do Sepulcro 4 dos Perdigões. Perdigões Monográfica, 2.
Era Arqueologia

Evangelista, Lucy Shaw; Valera, António Carlos (2019). Segmenting and Depositing of the human body in ditched enclosures seen from Perdigões. In Fragmentation and Depositions in Pre and Proto-Historic Portugal. Era Arqueologia, pp.47-69.

Valera, António Carlos; Evangelista, Lucy Shaw Evangelista (2014). Anthropomorphic Figurines at Perdigões Enclosure: Naturalism, Body Proportion and Canonical Posture as Forms of Ideological Language. European Journal of Archaeology , Volume 17: Issue 2: Pages 286-300

Research Projects

PIPA (2021-2024) – O Convento de São Domingos de Lisboa: reflexos da transformação de uma sociedade de época moderna. Aprovado pela DGPC em 2021. (Coordenação)

PIPA (2019-2023) –  Perdigões: apogeu e crise de um grande recinto de fossos.
Aprovado pela DGPC em 2019 (Participação 30%)

Mobility and interaction in South Portugal Recent Prehistory: the role of aggregation centers. Financiamento: Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
Bolsa realizado(a) de 2016 a 2018 (Participação 30%)