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Ernst Loreto

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Research Interests
Anthropology of Technology
Anthropology of Nature
Human Ecology
History of Science and Technology

Ernst Loreto is a PhD student in Social and Cultural Anthropology and Master from the University of Coimbra. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of São Paulo. Presently, he is an associate of CIAS (Research Centre for Anthropology and Health) in the research group on Technoscience, Society and Environment, and research assistant at the Sci-Tech Asia international network.


“The Technological Vitalism of André Leroi-Gourhan” (Master’s Thesis)

Research Projects

Ethnographic project on traditional knowledge and climate change in fishing communities in the Setubal area (Portugal), coordinated by Professor Gonçalo Santos.

Creative Output

Book of poetry: Loreto, Ernst (2022). Poemas Decorativos, ed. Urutau.