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Cláudia Joaquim

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Research Interests
Biological Anthropology
Forensic Anthropology
Human Evolution
Body Proportions
Population Diversity

Cláudia Filipa Pinto Joaquim completed her master’s degree in forensic Anthropology in 2020, a Postgraduate Degree in Forensic Anthropology in 2018 and her Degree in Anthropology in 2017 at the University of Coimbra. Since 2023 she’s attending the PhD program in Anthropology at the University of Coimbra. She has been an Operational Assistant at NOS Cinemas since 2016 and a Volunteer Firefighter at the Humanitarian Association of Volunteer Firefighters of Côja for 12 years. From 2020 to 2023, was Head of the Portuguese Red Cross – National Operations Room where she developed experience in various areas, namely: human resources management, operations management in exceptional situations, financial management, search for funding in the area of social support and humanitarian aid, and strategic planning.

She has worked on several projects and held various positions at youth association level from 2016 to 2020. She has participated in congresses and scientific meetings as staff, participant, poster author and workshop speaker. He works in the areas of Biological Sciences with an emphasis on Biological Anthropology and Forensic Anthropology.

Main Publications

Joaquim, C.; Wasterlain, S.N.; Cunha, E.; Coelho, C.  “(In)Discriminando a Ancestralidade”. Poster científico apresentado no 19º Congresso Nacional de Medicina Legal e Ciências Forenses, 2021.