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Andrea Dapra

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Research Interests
Avian companions
Multispecies anthropology

Andrea has gotten both her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Anthropology at the University of Lisbon at Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas.

For the final project of her bachelor’s degree, Andrea conducted a pilot study about the relations between people and their companion birds from an anthropological perspective, which later resulted in her first publication.

For her master’s degree dissertation, Andrea conducted the same research, this time more in-depth, focusing solely on parrots as companion animals.

 She established her main area of research as multispecies anthropology. Her research is helping to fill the gap present in Portugal in this field.

 She has a doctoral scholarship from FCT and is currently a doctoral student in Anthropology, at the Department of Life Sciences, at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra, in the field of Social and Cultural Anthropology. She is a researcher at CIAS – Center for Research in Anthropology and Health, University of Coimbra.

Main Publications

Dapra & Casanova 2020 “Ele é meu filho”: sobre o significado das aves, Estudos Sociológicos, Araraquara 25 (49):31-55