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Research Interests
Funerary Anthropology
Biological Anthropology

PhD in Anthropology, is a professor at the Department of Life Sciences (DLS) and a full member of the Research Centre for Anthropology and Health (CIAS) and a collaborator of Centre for Functional Ecology (CEF) at the University of Coimbra. Her research interests are in Biological Anthropology/Paleopathology, particularly in the biocultural and multidisciplinary study of health / disease in past populations. Other areas of research are the history of anthropology and museum collections. She is the author of works published in national and international journals and books, resulting from studies carried out in Portugal, Argentina, Jamaica, among other countries. She served as an associate editor for the International Journal of Paleopathology and was vice president of the Paleopathology Association. She is vice director of the DLS, member of the board of the Portuguese Anthropological Association and of vice-president of the Spanish Paleopathology Association, Coordinator of the Master in Human Evolution and Biology and vice-coordinator of the PhD in Anthropology.



Introduction to Biological Anthropology


Paleopathology of Human Populations

Laboratory for the Preparation of Scientific Papers

Seminar for Dissertation Preparation

Paleoepidemiology and Epidemiological Transitions

Forensic Taphonomy

Biological Profile Assessment (2020/2021-2021/2022)

Infectious Diseases, Epidemiology and Globalization (2915/2016-2020/2021)


Science, Education, and Culture

Research Methods in Anthropology

Main Publications

Gomes, R. F. A. M. P.; Petit, J.; Dutour, O.; Santos, A. L. 2022. Frequency and co-occurrence of porous skeletal lesions in identified non-adults from Portugal (19th-20th cent.) and its association with respiratory infections as cause of death. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology, 32(5): 1061-1072.            https://doi.org/10.1002/OA.3132        

Buikstra, J. E.; DeWitte, S. N.; Agarwal, S. C.; Baker, B. J.; Bartelink, E. J.; Berger, E.; Blevins, K. E.; Bolhofner, K.; Boutin, A. T.; Brickley, M. B.; Buzon, M. R.; de la Cova, C.; Goldstein, L.; Gowland, R.; Grauer, A. L.; Gregoricka, L. A.; Halcrow, S. E.; Hall, S. A.; Hillson, S.; Kakaliouris, A. M.; Klaus, H. D.; Knudson, K. J.; Knusel, C. J.; Larsen, C. S.; Martin, D. L.; Milner, G. R.; Novak, M.; Nystrom, K. C.; Pacheco-Forés, S. I.; Prowse, T. L.; Robbins Schug, G.; Roberts, C. A.; Rothwell, J. E.; Santos, A. L.; Stojanowski, C.; Stone, A. C.; Stull, K. E.; Temple, D. H.; Torres, C. M.; Marla Toyne, J.; Tung, T. A.; Ullinger, J.; Wiltschke-Schrotta, K.; Zakrzewski, S. R. 2022. Twenty-first century bioarchaeology: Taking stock and moving forward. Yearbook of Biological Anthropology, 178(S74): 54-114. https://doi.org/10.1002/ajpa.24494

Luna, L. H.; Aranda, C. M.; Santos, A. L.; Donoghue, H.; Lee, O. Y.-C.; Wu, H. H. T.; Besra, G. S.; Minikin, D. E.; Liewllyn, G.; Williams, C. M.; Ratto, N. 2020. Oldest evidence of tuberculosis in Argentina: a multidisciplinary investigation in an adult male skeleton from Saujil, Tinogasta, Catamarca (905-1030 CE). Tuberculosis, 125 (101995): 1-13.                    https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tube.2020.101995

Santos, A. L. 2018. Skulls and skeletons from documented, overseas and archaeological excavations: Portuguese trajectories. In: O’Donnabhain, B.; Lozada, M. (Eds.). Archaeological Human Remains: Legacies of Imperialism, Communism and Colonialism. Cham, Springer, p. 111-125. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-89984-8_8

Research Projects

Genetic Legacies
Utrecht University and Harvard Medical School

Estudio de la dinámica biosocial de los cazadores-recolectores de la transición Pampa-Patagonia occidental: aportes desde la bioarqueología
Investigador principal: Mario Alberto Arrieta
Entidade financiadora: Fondo para la Investigación Científica y Tecnológica, Argentina (PICT-2020- SERIEA-00581, FONCyT).
Membros da equipa: Ana Luísa Santos
Duração: 2022-2024.

SAND – Sarilhos Grandes Entre Dois Mundos, estudo histórico, arqueológico e bio-antropológico de uma população ribeirinha
Investigadora principal: Paula Pereira
Entidade financiadora: Câmara Municipal do Montijo
Coordenação das atividades na UC: Ana Luísa Santos
Duração: 2019-2023.

Creative Output

Consolidation of new bone formation on the visceral surface of the ribs as an indicator of pulmonary tuberculosis.

Coauthor of a new methodological proposal for sex estimation in prepubertal non-adults using the auricular surface of the ilium.