Maria João Neves



Research group: Past Cultures and Populationss200_maria_jo_o.neves

Institutional Address:

CIAS – Centro de Investigação em Antropologia e Saúde




Research interests:

My main interest is focused on the study of past funerary practices throughout an archaeothanatological approach. I have also a special interest in excavation and digital recording (using ArcGIS, digital planning and 3D documentation) of funerary/mortuary contexts.


Ongoing Projects:

Currently I’m finishing my Doctoral Thesis based on an anthropological and archaeological approach of three collective Late Neolithic tombs from southern Portugal. This approach is based on Archaeothanatological principles and GIS tools use.

I participate also in the project “Caçadores-Recolectores e Sociedades Agro-Pastoris: territórios e paisagens culturais no Vale do Sado, na primeira metade do Holocénico - SADO-MESO II”.

DGPC project. Coord. Pablo Arias Cabal (Univerdidad de Cantabria) and Mariana Diniz; (Universidade de Lisboa).


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Maria João Neves