Ana Luísa Santos

Assistant Professor



Research group: Past Cultures and Populations

Institutional Address: Department of Life Sciences


Phone number: +351 239 240 718


Research interests: 

Biological Anthropology; Paleopathology, History of diseases, Funerary Anthropology.

Skeletal Biology, Age-at- death, Paleodemography.

Pre-Columbian Caribbean.

Multidisciplinary approach to the study of human skeletal remains, articulating data
obtained directly from macroscopic and radiological observations with information
from secondary sources, such as documents, archives and iconographies.

The study of health in past populations in particular the spread of infectious diseases, as
a consequence of migration, socioeconomic changes and wars.

Evolution of diagnosis, therapeutic and prevention of diseases in the last millennia such
as the changes of behaviours and exclusion of patients from society.


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Orcid: 6073-1532


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Researcher ID: A-1128- 2010



Ana Luísa Santos