Maria-Raquel G. Silva

Associate Professor


Research group: Human Biology, Health and Society MRSilva

Institutional Address:

Faculty of Health Sciences, University Fernando Pessoa

Rua Carlos da Maia, 296

4200-150 Oporto, PORTUGAL


Phone number: +351 22 5074630


Research interests:

Anthropometry; Appetite; Athletes; Body composition; Bone mineral density; Cancer; Cardiovascular Diseases; Children and Adolescents; Circadian Rhythm; Diet therapy; Eating Disorders; Elderly; Energy and nutrients; Food insecurity; Food intake; Health education; Hypertension; Jet Lag; Lifestyle factors; Neurosciences; Nutrition; Nutritional supplements; Obesity; Physical activity; Poverty; Pregnancy; Sleep; Sport; Young adults and Adults.


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Maria-Raquel G. Silva