Maria João Neves



Research group: Past Cultures and Populationss200_maria_jo_o.neves

Institutional Address:

Instituto de Investigação Interdisciplinar, Universidade de Coimbra

Casa Costa Alemão, Polo II, Rua Dom Francisco de Lemos, 3030-789 Coimbra, Portugal




Research interests:

Currently I'm a Science manager (Health) at the Institute of Interdisciplinary Research of the University de Coimbra and a researcher of CIAS. My research focuses on Biological Anthropology, mainly on past life conditions of hunter-gatherers/ first agricultural communities. I’m interested in topics related to subsistence, health status and funerary practices in pre-history. My main areas of expertise are Field Archaeology, Archaeothanatology and Paleopathology.


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Maria João Neves