CIAS Governance

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The primary research area of CIAS is the study of the determinants of human health, disease and well-being both in past and living societies from a biocultural perspective, with strong emphasis on cultural, historical, societal, familial and politico-economic circumstances and on the understanding of our evolutionary background.

Our research projects cover important topics such as:

  1. The study of human developmental origins of health and disease
  2. The evaluation of prevalence of obesity in child and adolescents in relation to sedentary behaviors (TV watching, internet use) and to patterns of physical activity
  3. The examination of social inequalities in growth and health
  4. Assess trends in child oral health inequalities
  5. To characterize genetic variation among individuals and populations
  6. Understand why do genetic diseases vary in their incidence between populations
  7. Understand the effects of past genetic diseases on modern patterns of genetic variation
  8. Compare Mesolithic and contemporary populations to reveal individual life histories and reconstruct past demography
  9. Explore the relevance of skeletal remains for the study of human conditions and behavior
  10. Develop criteria for diagnosis of sex, age and pathology (mainly infectious and neoplastic diseases, stress and dietary behavior) using skeletal analysis.