Bone Cancer

Carina Marques contributed with an excellent chapter to the third edition of a biomedical research reference book in oncology entitled, Bone Cancer: Bone Sarcomas and Bone Metastases – From Bench to Bedside, and edited by Dominique Heymann.

The book comprehensively investigates key discoveries in the field of bone biology. New aspects of bone cancer biology are treated in new chapters covering exosomes, autophagy, and metabolism. These have led to the development of entirely new areas for investigation, such as therapies which combine surgery and biological approaches. The Third Edition expands on the original overview of bone cancer development (physiology and pathophysiology), with 40% new material. Each chapter has been written by internationally recognized specialists on the bone cancer microenvironment, bone metastases, osteoclast biology in bone cancer, proteomics, bone niche, circulating tumor cells, and clinical trials. Given the global prevalence of breast and prostate cancers, knowledge of bone biology has become essential for everyone within the medical and cancer research communities. Bone Cancer: Bone Sarcomas and Bone Metastases – From Bench to Bedside continues to offer the only translational reference to cover all aspects of primary bone cancer and bone metastases. This revision opens the door to myeloma with two short chapters dedicated to this bone-associated disease.

This third edition …”is a comprehensive compilation of the most recent current information on bone cancer at its broadest. Dominique Heymann is to be congratulated on his achievement in bringing together more than 150 international experts in the field from 19 countries”.

“Medical research is now in the era of big data which requires the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. However, we must never forget that we can still learn from the past, as illustrated by the work presented here in osteoarchaeology.”

“Several new chapters have been added reaching a total of 69 chapters representing almost double what was offered in the first edition. The book begins with a new amazing chapter about osteoarchaeology.”

Those comments illustrate the importance of Carina’s contribution and highlights the importance of having Paleopathology/Bioarchaeology represented in these reference books on cancer.

More information can be found, HERE.



Bone Cancer

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