Rui Sá



rui sá

Research group: Genes, Populations and Disease


Institutional Address: Department of Life Sciences



Research interests:

BSc in Anthropology from the University of Lisbon, with the specialty of Ethno-Cultural and Biological Anthropology Relations (2003). Holds a Post Gradutate Diploma in Human Evolution at the University of Coimbra (2007) and Master in Evolution and Human Biology also from the University of Coimbra. His Phd was in Biological Anthropology and Ethnoecology at Univeraidade Nova de Lisboa and Cardiff University-UK, having been awarded the title of Doctor Europaeus (2013). His postdoctoral studies were performed on the recently created  HPI-Lab (Laboratory for Infectious Diseases Common to Human and Non Human Primates) in Brno, Czech Republic, belonging to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2012-2014).

He has experience in Molecular Ecology area and Mastozoology, being expert in Primatology, but also in Parasitology, Conservation Genetics , Phylogeography and Ethnobiology of African primates with emphasis on West Africa and especially in Guinea-Bissau, where he works since 2007. Its research interests relate to Intersectionality between Biology, Ecology, Biodiversity Conservation (and in general of other species), Emerging and neglected infectious diseases, primate aging and longevity,  and ethno-cultural perceptions of wildlife. Methodologically he applies a myriad of comprehensive techniques in his studies; i.e. genetic, parasitological and ethnographic.


Ongoing Projects:

Aging and longevity in Coimbra district- ANT/00283


Closed Projects:

Development team and scientific laboratory for infectious diseases common to humans and great apes, Czech Grant Agency CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0300

Applied landscape genetics to chimpanzee conservation in Guinea-Bissau. United States Fisheries and Wildlife Service. Great Ape Fund, GA 0678.

Guinea-Bissau endangered chimpanzee conservation genetics: Biological Anthropology contribution to biodiversity conservation. PTDC/CS/ANT/099184/2008.

Genetic characterization of a group of chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes verus) from the coastal region of Guinea-Bissau. Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation. SFRH/BD/35797/2007

Chimpanzee distribution and relation with local human communities in coastal area of Guinea-Bissau. POCI/ANT/57434/2004


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Ciência ID: A01C-64F8-D68E

Rui Sá