Hugo Cardoso


Research group: Past Cultures and Populations

Institutional Address: 1437428403401.rendition-small

Department of Archaeology
Simon Fraser University
Education Building 9635
8888 University Dr.
Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6


Research interests:Interaction between human growth and development and the biocultural environment in the past, using the tools of skeletal biology;

Ieveloping methods and theory for the analysis and interpretation of human skeletal remains in archaeological and forensic contexts, with a strong focus on the immature skeleton.


Ongoing Projects:

2011-3 BoneBoneMedLeg (“Building the Basis for Medico-Legal Identification and Cause of Death Determination from Badly Decomposed and Skeletonised Human Remains”) Research Project funded by FCT (ref.# PTDC/CS-ANT/111059/2009) as Principal Investigator (here is the project's web site).

2008-9 "Predicting age at death of immature skeletal remains from measurements of the growing skeleton" GB-TAF-4686 project, partially funded by the European program SYNTHESYS (in cooperation with Dr. Louise Humphrey at the Natural History Museum, London).


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Hugo Cardoso