Fabiana Ribeiro

PhD Student

Research group: Past cultures and populations

Institutional Address:

Departamento de Ciências da Vida



Research interests:

Genomics, Ancient DNA, Co-evolution, Population health, Paleopathology, Tuberculosis

Fabiana is currently doing her PhD thesis: "Tuberculosis in Portugal through time: A multidisciplinary approach to the understanding of TB" - Human history has been afflicted by epidemic episodes caused by infectious agents that shaped human diversity. Tuberculosis (TB) remains one of the leading causes of death from an infectious agent worldwide.  The introduction of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) techniques and advances in ancient DNA (aDNA) allow us to learn more from past episodes. In this project, skeletons with compatible TB’s lesions dated from the Bronze age to the 19th century, will be analyzed, using aDNA extraction and genomic analysis of ancient Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb), comparing them to contemporaneous data. Also, diverse documentary resources will be used to infer the health status, demographic and, cultural aspects of these past populations and past selective pressures. The aim is to study the coevolution of Mtb and humans in Portugal by using past and modern host and pathogen populations, using a multidisciplinary framework to understand current events and even prevent new episodes of TB disease.

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Fabiana Ribeiro