David Gonçalves

Post-Doc Researcher


Research group: Past Cultures and Populations DGoncalves

Institutional Addresses:

1) Research Centre for Anthropology and Health

2) Laboratório de Arqueociências, DGPC and LARC/CIBIO/InBIO

Email: davidmiguelgoncalves@gmail.com

Phone number: +351 213626328 (LARC)


Research interests:

I have a special interest in Forensic Anthropology, Human Osteology, Bioanthropological Methods and Funerary Anthropology with a special focus on ancient cremations and burned bones. I am currently coordinating the HOT Project. The main objectives are to improve our understanding of heat-induced changes to bone and teeth and to improve analytical methods that are specific to burned skeletal remains.


Ongoing Projects:


-Compilation of the first worldwide collection of experimentally semi-burned human skeletons. (Postdoc grant - SFRH / BPD / 84268 / 2012) – 54,030.00€ (FCT).[PI]

-HOT Project ResearcH PrOject of the CEI/XXI Burned SkeleTons

PI: David Gonçalves (CIAS/InBIO)

Other members: check http://www.hotresearch.wix.com/main

State: ongoing

Funded by: not funded

Dates: 2013-∞

Participant Institutions: Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology (U. Coimbra/PT); Research Centre for Anthropology and Health (PT); LARC/Cibio/InBio (PT); University of Teesside (UK); University of Sassari (IT); University of Cambridge (UK); Unidade de I&D Química-Física Molecular (U. Coimbra/PT); University of Leicester (UK)


-IRonBONE - Returning ‘metrics’ to osteometrics in burned human skeletal remains: estimating heat-induced dimensional change through spectroscopy

PI: David Gonçalves (CIAS/InBIO)

Other members: Luís Batista de Carvalho; Maria Paula Marques; Stewart Parker; Maria Teresa Ferreira; Angela Gonçalves.

Proponent Institution: University of Coimbra

Funded by: Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (PTDC/IVC-ANT/1201/2014) – 54,514.00€*

Dates: 2015-2017

Participant Institutions: ISIS Facility – CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory; Research Centre for Anthropology and Health; University of Cambridge; Unidade de I&D Química-Física

Molecular (UC)


-ESTELA Project: systematization of the archaeological data associated to the South-Western script (Iron Age, South of Portugal)

PI: P. Barros (IGESPAR, IP); S. Melro (IGESPAR, IP)

Other members: Susana Estrela

State: ongoing

Funded by: Algarve Archaeological Association – 1,200.00€ (ongoing)

Dates: 2010-2018


Closed Projects:

- The peasant societies of the 1st millenium BC in Central Alentejo.[collaborator]

- The Algar do Bom Santo and the Neolithic societies of the Portuguese Estremadura

(6th-4th millenia BC). PTDC/HIS-ARQ/098633/2008 – 105,000.00€ (FCT).[collaborator]



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David Gonçalves