Ángel Fernández Aparicio

Visiting Investigator / 01 May - 31 July 2021

Ángel Fernández Aparicio is a predoctoral Spanish researcher who currently works in the department of Nursing at the University of Granada. The topics of his research is the analyses of body composition, somatometry, nutritional habits and lifestyles in adolescents with obesity and metabolic syndrome. His PhD project is "Postprandial transport of Oleanolic acid in adolescents and its therapeutic action on THP-1 monocytes-macrophages". He has a University degree in Nursing and a Master degree in Health Care for the promotion of personal autonomy and attention to end-of-life processes.

Institutional Address:

Department of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Granada, Av. Ilustración 60, 18016, Granada (Spain)

Research Interests:

Anthropometry; Body composition; Metabolic syndrome; Obesity; Adolescents; Nutritional habits; Prevention and treatment; Health care

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Ángel Fernández Aparicio