WebGIS.Arch: a Web3 (Wiki, GIS and social-web) Portal on historical and archaeological heritage

Duration: 2012 ‐ 2015

Abstract: Developed by Dryas, 2 Departments of the UC and SenseBloom, the SIG.Arq project (EEC, Cluster TICE) aims to create a Web application capable remotely operate a georeferenced database of heritage data (Cultural and Historical). This Web application will gather Web2 and Web3 technologies (interoperability, shared Information Management Services, thus creating contents for the proper users, developing virtual communities, technology of semantic networks, wiki and Web-SIG, supporting mobile access saw 3G).

Coordinator: Miguel Almeida, Dryas Arqueologia

Participants: Maria João Neves e Maria Teresa Ferreira.

Partner institutions: Department of Mathematics and Department of Informatics Engineering, FCTUC, University of Coimbra

Financial support: Proj. nº 21625 / QREN – Quadro Estratégico de Referência Nacional; MaisCentro; European Union