TB or not TB: using histology to diagnose rib lesions in past human populations

Duration: 2010 – 2011

Abstract: The development of a histological technique to aid in the diagnosis of the pulmonary form of tuberculosis in human archaeological populations. Ribs have been analyzed microscopically but it has been used more as a simple visualization tool to exhibit the presence of new layers of bone growth and not as a categorical examination. Therefore, it is postulated that by using a technique which focuses solely on the bone micro-architecture of infected ribs, a better characterization and understanding of the type of bone proliferation present will ensue and that this will provide an improved set of criteria when distinguishing between the different types of rib lesions and possibly their cause.

Coordinator: Charlotte Roberts; University of Durham, UK, Tanya von Hunnius, Canada

Participants: Ana Luísa Santos, CIAS

Partner institutions: University of Durham

Financial support: Project: 756 2007 0272; Funding: SSHRC Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada