The clinical archive of the sanatorium Carlos Vasconcelos Porto

Contribution to the history of tuberculosis and its paleopathological diagnosis

Duration: 2010 ‐ 2013

Abstract: This investigation aims to clarify the role of new bone formation on ribs for the paleopathological diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis (pTB). In order to improve the knowledge of this interplay, our research proposes an archival paleopathological study – never performed in sanatoria – of 350 clinical files from the former Sanatorium Carlos Vasconcelos Porto, S. Brás de Alportel, Algarve. Patients from distinct epidemiological and therapeutic contexts are represented: before and after the epidemiological transition and the use of antibiotics and BCG – landmarks that took place in the middle of 20th century. Departing from radiographs, medical descriptions and schemes, it is aimed to characterize the distribution pattern of tuberculous pulmonary lesions and its relationship with thoracic bony elements and, thus, bring new and useful evidence regarding pTB diagnosis in past human populations. This investigation will also contribute to the social and medical history of tuberculosis in Portugal.

Coordinator: Vítor Miguel Jacinto de Matos; Ana Luísa Santos

Participants: Vítor Miguel Jacinto de Matos; Ana Luísa Santos

Partner institutions: Financial support: Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia  ‐  SFRH/BPD/70466/2010