Algar do Bom Santo: A research project on the Neolithic populations of Portuguese Estremadura (6th-4th millenia BC)

Duration: 01/04/2010  ‐  31/03/2013

Abstract: The main aim of this Project is to complete the bioarchaeological analysis of the human remains from Algar do Bom Santo. This is composed of a cave-necropolis consisting on the surface deposition of the remains. An estimated minimum number of more than 100 individuals has been indicated for this assemblage. This investigation will bring more light about the funerary behaviour and practice of the Neolithic agriculturalist communities inhabiting the Western Iberia.

Coordinator: António Faustino de Carvalho (University of Algarve)

Participants: David Miguel da Silveira Gonçalves

Partner institutions:

Financial support: Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (PTDC/HIS ‐ ARQ/098633/2008).