Integrating human omics data for discovering common susceptibility polygenic profiles for obesity

The main objective of this study is to describe low frequency alleles and copy number variations (CNVs) associated with higher obesity susceptibility risk, as it has not been previously detected, neither with GWAS nor with indirect studies based on their results. We intend to generate genomic data of great potential via massive sequencing technology (NGS), combined with an exhaustive patient selection and the usage of the information stored in eQTL data bases. These results will lead to a second strategy in obesity research by metabolomic and proteomic studies, redefining and widening the “overweight” concept and making it possible to identify markers that will optimize clinical management. All the clinical and phenotypical information of the patients, their family history and the information obtained by genomic technologies, altogether, will be incorporated into new tools capable of managing all the information and cross it with the biological systems that have already been associated with obesity.

Duration: 2017-2019

Coordinator (PI): Raquel Rodríguez-López (HUGV)

Participants: David dos Santos Albuquerque (CIAS), Concepción Cerda Mico (HUGV), Goitzane Marcaida Benito (HUGV), CLévio Rodríguez Nóbrega (Universidade de Algarve), Carola Guzman Lujan (HUGV), Marcos Bruna Esteban (HUGV), Maria Nieves Prieto Colodrero (HUGV), Laura Gandia Artides (HUGV),   

Financial support: Instituto de Salud Carlos III (Spain)

Reference: 17PI1551