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The “Centro de Investigação em Antropologia e Saúde” (Research Centre for Anthropology and Health, former “Centro de Investigação em Antropologia”) was fundaded in October 1994 and it is located at the Life Sciences Department, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Coimbra. It is a research unit (n. 283) funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia.

Unit Description

CIAS is the only institution in Portugal in the field of Biological Anthropology and is unique in the realm of Social Sciences and Humanities through its vision of human variation taking into account our evolutionary past. The unit has contributed excellently to the Portuguese scientific system and to the general public highlighting key topics to our society.

To achieve our aims CIAS is organized in three multidisciplinary groups:

    1. Genes, Populations and Diseases
    2. Human Biology, Health and Society
    3. Past Cultures and Populations

Each group covers important topics in the sub-fields of anthropology, health sciences and material culture, namely, paleopathology, human growth and obesity, social inequalities in health and assessment of genetic variation across populations.