Crematio na província Lusitania

Filipa Cortesão Silva contributed to the new book Morir en Hispania: Novedades en topografía, arquitectura, rituales y prácticas funerarias from the SPAL Monografías Arqueología series (number XXXVII). Filipa is the author of the 10th chapter entitled, Crematio na província Lusitania: o contributo dos estudos bioantropológicos.

Funerary spaces have always been considered one of the most prolific sites at a historical level, since from their excavation and study it is possible to extract a large amount of materials that allow us not only to approach the sphere of the deceased and their rituals, but also the world of the living, reconstructing social, economic and ideological parameters. This volume collects some of the most recent developments in different areas of the provinces of Betica, Lusitana and Tarragona, with attention to eschatological and magical issues, as well as anthropological and biological ones. To the discovery of new necropolises from the Roman period, we now add the application of techniques from other disciplines, which allow a more comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to the subject, laying the foundations to generate a methodological model applicable to any historical period.

More information about the book is available online.


Crematio na província Lusitania

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