New Article | February 2020

CIAS’ work just got published in the American Journal of Human Biology (see HERE).

The article, co-authored by Ariene S. do Carmo, Daniela Rodrigues, Helena Nogueira, Larissa L. Mendes, Luana C. dos Santos, Augusta Gama, Aristides M. Machado-Rodrigues, Maria-Raquel G. Silva, Vítor Rosado-Marques, and Cristina Padez aimed to investigate the influence of parental perceivedenvironment on physical activity, television time, active play and Body Mass Index zscore, and the mediating role of these weight-related behaviors on the relationship between neighborhood characteristics and children’s BMI.

Influence of parental perceived environment on physicalactivity, TV viewing, active play and Body Mass Indexamong Portuguese children: A mediation analysis is the title of the work in Early View (February 2020).

New Article | February 2020

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