Past Cultures and Populations – 25 years of CIAS

Hope you all enjoyed the conferences last week as much as we did!

The 1st cycle of conferences celebrating the 25 years of CIAS took place last week, on the 18th of October, in the Department of Life Sciences. The first session was assigned to the Past Cultures and Populations Group.

The event started with the researcher Verena J Schuenemann, from the Institute of Evolutionary Medicine (IEM), University of Zurich, in Switzerland, with the presentation Ancient Mycobacterium lepraegenomics: How ancient DNA can help deciphering leprosy’s past.

Secondly, Maria João Neves (CIAS, UC) presented the work 5000 anos na Terra: perspetivas em torno do uso dos hipogeus no sul de Portugal, followed by Filipa Cortesão Silva (CIAS, UC) with the communication Crematio na província Lusitania: análise antropológica de amostras alto-imperiais de Augusta Emerita (Mérida, Espanha) e de Salacia (Alcácer do Sal, Portugal).

The second part of the afternoon was occupied by Ana Curto (CIAS, UC) and Bruno Magalhães (CIAS, UC) with the presentations: A paleopatologia e a análise de isótopos and Inspira, expira, respira: paleopatologia de algumas doenças e variações sinonasais em crânios humanos identificados, respectively.

During the coffee break, the audience had the opportunity to see some of the studies developed in the Centre during the last years. The posters were available in the 1st floor (next to the genetics lab) and will remain there until de last session, on the 4th of December.

Past Cultures and Populations – 25 years of CIAS
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