Work presented in Argentina

Sofia Wasterlain attended the XX Congreso Nacional de Arqueología Argentina, that occurred in Córdoba, Argentina. This is a meeting that started almost half a century ago and is now the most important event in the area of archaeologia in the country.

Two works were presented by the CIAS researcher, namely:

Age estimation using the pulp area/tooth area ratio in a sample of skeletons of African slaves (Lagos, Portugal), co-authored by Catarina Rodrigues and Maria Teresa Ferreira

Interpretación de un trauma perimortem en un soldado republicano de la guerra civil espanola exhumado en una fosa común del Cementerio de Canseco (Provincia de León, Espana), co-authored by Laura González-Garrido, Susana Gómez-González, Miriam Serralvo-González and Maria Teresa Ferreira

These and other works can be found in the abstract book. The communications were very well received by the congress scientific community. Congratulations!

Work presented in Argentina
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