CIAS news in national newspapers

The latest news reporting research developed in CIAS, were out today in some national and regional newspapers.

The work developed by Daniela Rodrigues and co-authored by Aristides M. Machado-Rodrigues and Cristina Padez, “Parental perception of barriers to children’s participation in sports: biological, social, and geographic correlates of Portuguese children” was published this month in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health.

The study aimed to observe parental perceived barriers for 6- to 10-year-old children’s participation in organized sports and understand to what extent the socioeconomic status, the place of residence, and children’s sex, age, and sport participation affect those perceived barriers. The researchers found that time and costs were the most reported barriers by parents. Barriers to access were mostly reported by parents of girls and younger children, parents of inactive children, and families living in an urban setting and in socioeconomic disadvantage.

Some of the news can be read below.


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CIAS news in national newspapers
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