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Find below the latest articles published by members of CIAS. Feel free to share the links as sharing the papers is a great way to improve the visibility of our work.

Describing studies on childhood obesity determinants by Socio-Ecological Model level: a scoping review to identify gaps and provide guidance for future research in International Journal of Obesity [Online] by Margarida Pereira, Cristina Padez, Helena Nogueira.

Parental perception of barriers to children’s participation in sports: biological, social and geographic correlates of Portuguese children in Journal of Physical Activity and Health [Ahead of Print] by Daniela Rodrigues, Cristina Padez, Aristides M. Machado-Rodrigues. HERE

Os dez primeiros anos de Jornadas Portuguesas de Paleopatologia: síntese e balanço in Cadernos do GEEvH [Early view] by Ana Luísa Santos, Ricardo Gomes. HERE

Un patrimonio particular: la importancia de las colecciones osteológicas identificadas in Mètode Science Studies Journal [101(2): 65-71] by Ana Luísa Santos. 

A lunate-triquetral coalition from a commingled funerary context from the Chalcolithic Perdigões ditched enclosures of Portugal in Anthropologischer Anzeiger [Accepted for publication] by Ricardo Miguel Godinho, Ana Luísa Santos, António Valera.

New/Latest articles
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