Building knowledge – Bolsa de Investigação 2019

Osteoporose: Influência do estilo de vida no pré e pós-diagnóstico em utentes da Unidade de Cuidados de Saúde Personalizados (UCSP) de Seia is the winning project of the first edition of the grant.

The multidisciplinary project (from Medicine to Biology and Anthropology) aims to study how different factors of the lifestyle are associated with the development of osteoporosis and how the pathology develops after the diagnostic. The study will be carried out in Seia, because of specific socioeconomic and demographic characteristics of the place.

Sofia Santos (Master Degree student in Antropologia Médica e Saúde Global) together with Miguel Santos (ULS Guarda) and Cristina Padez (CIAS) are responsable for the winning project. Congratulations to the three of them.

For more information see here.

For news on national newspapers: here and here.

Building knowledge – Bolsa de Investigação 2019
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