Visit to the Municipal Museum Santos Rocha

Last week, some of the visiting researchers currently working at CIAS had the opportunity to visit the Municipal Museum Santos Rocha in Figueira da Foz.


The Museum was founded in 1894 by the tow’s son António dos Santos Rocha (1853-1910), in order to accommodate the priceless findings gathered by him and his crew, during several archaeological campaigns in the region. Nowadays the permanent exhibition presents collections of Religious art, Modern art, Numismatics, Furniture, Ethnography, Armoury and Archaeology.

Yan Ferreira, Bárbara Abreu, Danyel Almeida, Robéria Reis (from Brazil), Roberto Díaz and Ana Ruíz (from Spain), were accompanied by Professor Ana Luísa Santos. The visit in the museum was guided by Rodrigo Pinto (MsC in Anthropology and former student at the Department of Life Sciences, University of Coimbra).

Visit to the Municipal Museum Santos Rocha
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